Content-StrategyAt its core, advertising has always been about telling a story to sell a product. Today, the selling and the storytelling are so intertwined that it’s difficult to discern where one ends and the other begins. Audiences expect brands to support them throughout their purchasing journey with entertainment and information in real time. As a result, brands need to create content on a massive scale and deliver it when and where consumers want it. Brandtastic’s holistic approach to content strategy combined with our partnership with Hearst gives us an edge in creating content to help brands succeed in this new world of real-time marketing.

Content Strategy Services
Delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time starts with an integrated content marketing strategy. One that combines existing brand research, linguistic profiles and audience listening programs to help identify what content you should provide, what current assets you can leverage across media and what content you need to create. Just as important as the what, is the how: How will you distribute the content from a technical perspective? How will it get created – by internal resources or third-party content providers? How will you inspire audiences to share your content? And how will your content be found? Finally, a solid content strategy considers the where: Where does your audience hang out? And where does it make sense to publish your content across bought, earned and owned media?

Content Development
Brands, media and consumers used to have distinct roles in the marketing relationship. Today, those roles overlap, creating new opportunities – and responsibilities – for marketers. Brandtastic’s heritage in search marketing services helps us understand what consumers want based on what they’re looking for. Adding to our team of talented copywriters, art directors and content strategists, Hearst’s 120+ year editorial legacy provides:

Archives of existing editorial content and over 300,000 images

  • A full video production studio and 12-bay digital photo studio
  • A network of 1,000+ copywriters/content developers
  • A reputation for providing content that’s fresh and relevant

ContentManagementSystemPageCommunity & Content Management Today, marketers need to go beyond simply publishing content. They need to be active, agile and aware of what consumers are saying about their brand. So while we develop a content marketing strategy to guide content development, we also arm our clients with additional guidelines to make sure resources and processes are in place to react quickly to both positive and negative comments and posts. Together, we monitor activity in real time and modify campaigns as necessary for optimal results.

Measurement & Optimisation
With data in our DNA and a relentless focus on measurement, our clients always know how effective their marketing efforts are and how well certain pieces of content are performing in different contexts. Our proprietary The Brandtastic’s Dynamic Broad-base Marketing Platform allows us to measure results within a holistic media mix and react to changes as they happen. This enables us to adapt and modify content in real time for maximum results. Clients also have access to The Brandtastic’s Dynamic Broad-base Marketing Platform for ongoing consumer research, analytics and content optimisation.