creativeWe’re not one of those agencies where winning awards is more important than producing results or where stroking our creative egos trumps connecting with consumers. Sure, we love great work that uses cool technology. And being recognised is awfully nice. But we get downright giddy over things like ROI and interaction rates. We believe informed creative leads to measurable results. That by themselves, traditional advertising methods just don’t work anymore. And that building a connected brand requires more than just creative thinking and creative design. It takes strategic experience beyond digital, deep insights into consumer behaviour, the right mix of disciplines to ensure consistency across channels and the ability to adapt programs in real time.

Informed Creative

You have to understand customers in order to create compelling interactive designs and user experiences that get noticed, used and valued. And we’re the only agency creative group with access to insights gained from search data and the Hearst Audience Platform. Our market research teams add in other qualitative and quantitative data and then turn it all into an informed view of customers through rich, fact-based personas that help us bring brands to life with fresh, compelling, informative, persuasive and actionable storytelling and imagery.

Responsive Audience Intelligence

We want to help you balance the need for rich creative designs and functionality while still achieving cross-device compatibility. And the best way to achieve that is through Responsive Audience Intelligence (ResponsiveAi), the first responsive web design offering to deliver contextually relevant content and experiences based on anonymous audience data.

We engage our creative, user experience and technology teams to identify the content, features and functionality requirements of your site before anything else. This allows us to develop a Responsive Design System that will give your audience a seamless experience.

Our content strategy, creative services, data science and technology teams leverage our preferred agency access to Hearst’s premium audience data to build audience-based, custom site experiences. ResponsiveAi looks up each site visitor’s audience profile in milliseconds and matches it to the predefined characteristics of a targeted consumer segment. Then based on that individual’s audience profile, it serves contextual site copy and landing page content in real time. Watch the ResponsiveAi demo.

creativiteCross-Channel Thinking

We don’t think in terms of channel. Instead, we think about customer ecosystems and their preferred, and ever-changing, access points. In order to deliver consistent and meaningful user experiences at the right time and place, we evaluate key interaction touch points, interpret audience archetypes and develop interaction models. This strategic thinking across channel and platform helps us build connected brands while integrating bought, earned and owned media. And it’s a big reason why over a dozen clients have chosen us as their digital AOR.

Creating Killer Content

Whatever the channel or platform, consumers demand content. As part of Hearst, we have access to archives of existing editorial content and images, full video and photo production studios, and content development resources in 20 countries around the world. In addition, Brandtastic’s Live Media Studio boasts award-winning content producers and WOMMA-trained audience managers who are experienced in developing compelling content in real time.

Our Team

While most agencies have siloed creative structures, we have an integrated experiential design team that includes business analysts, information architects, usability experts and technology specialists. Our team is spread across multiple offices, ensuring clients gets the most qualified person for a particular project regardless of physical location.