marketresearchNow, more than ever, clients have to work hard to defend their marketing budgets. Which means the days of clients trusting their gut (or just going with a creative director’s opinion) are long gone. Instead, marketers rely on market research and real data to inform the work they want to do. And since consumer attitudes change by the minute, brands need to stay on top of shifting sentiment at any given time. Brandtastic’s market research team can help you understand the intentions and behaviours of your audience in real time and translate those customer insights into compelling campaigns that delight your audience – as much as your chief financial officer.

Starting with the Consumer
Our job is to get into consumers’ hearts and minds to drive better customer experiences and client results. Using proprietary online market research tools, we examine the search language, emotions, barriers, facilitators, influencers and brand signals at each stage of the decision-making process. Then, we use customer insights to translate that data into experiential maps to help us understand the key drivers of interest that will create maximum value.

A Focus Group of Millions
When you think about it, search is the purest form of online market research. There’s no observer to affect the behaviour. Just the search box, the user and what they’re looking for. And we’re one of the only full-service digital marketing agencies that use search data to drive customer insights and results. Representing a focus group of millions, we use this data to develop linguistic profiles and personas that help us understand the language, intentions and motivations of your customers.

dataLeveraging Customer Insights from Hearst
As part of Hearst, we have access to a rich subscriber database, ongoing custom market research programs and active reader panels that would make most agencies salivate. With over 200 editions of its magazines in 100+ countries and 30 languages, Hearst has mastered the art of understanding the changing aspirations, attitudes and needs of their readers worldwide. And our partnership gives us customer insights into everything from broad categories like teens and women to specific interest areas such as green living and online shopping.

Dedicated Data Geeks
We’re unapologetically geeky, creative in our use of information, tireless in our search of better ways to understand people and methodical in our approach. We have deeper expertise, more experience and proprietary tools to help us gain a better understanding of online consumer behaviour.