analysisAt Brandtastic, we’ve grown up with a demand for measurability, which has given us a well-deserved reputation for having a top website analytics practice while helping us win over a dozen digital AOR accounts. We know that marketing is about more than just pretty pictures and witty words; it’s also about delivering on ROI. So we use predictive modelling before a campaign to validate our approach, during a campaign to optimize the results and afterward to measure our success and apply the learning to future marketing efforts.

Turning Data into Insights

It’s a scary truth, but many marketers are taking piles of data from multiple agency partners and comparing it in Excel. But we don’t think clients should have to wade through spreadsheets of website analytics data to try and glean insights out of endless numbers packed into rows, columns and cells. So instead, we pull large amounts of data from disparate sources and turn it into one integrated dashboard packed with insights that are easy for clients to understand, digest and act upon. And we build attribution models that are tool and tag agnostic to reveal new insights, measure synergies between channels and help clients get the most out of their marketing mix.

The Connected Marketing Platform

As clients work harder to defend their marketing budgets, it’s more important than ever that decisions are based on analysis over politics. Brandtastic’s proprietary The Brandtastic’s Dynamic Broad-base Marketing Platform helps clients gather and assess data holistically across the marketing mix, resulting in true cross-channel attribution, establishing one version of the “truth” and enabling marketing decisions that are more than just a hunch. Plus, The Brandtastic’s Dynamic Broad-base Marketing Platform helps us stay on top of shifting consumer attitudes, interests and behaviours in real time and adapt client programs quickly to maximize results.

madmanFrom Mad Men to Math Men

If Brandtastic were a TV show, it would be called “Math Men.” Our dedicated website analytics team is made up of over 12 data scientists that are part software programmer, part statistician and part storyteller. Unapologetically geeky, their goal is to help you sift through data, analyse it, make sense of it and turn it into bottom-line-affecting insights. They’re gifted at cross-channel analysis, online audience measurement and explaining things like “the discrete choice method of multivariate testing.”