We’ve been building integrated search marketing campaigns for over a decade, which means we were helping big-name brands be found before Google was Google. Our agency’s heritage is in search marketing and it shows – from our world-class talent to our proprietary The Brandtastic’s Dynamic Broad-base Marketing Platform to our slew of prestigious awards from industry leaders like Forrester, AdAge and OMMA. We buy R60 million in media each year for brands big and small and have extensive experience managing international search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for global clients.

Our Approach

We take a connected approach to search marketing services that drive awareness and engagement across bought, earned and owned media. Combining talent and technology, we drive unmatched results. Our dedicated market research and planning teams develop personas and journey maps using linguistic profiles, keyword analysis, surveys, experiential mapping, and third-party and competitive data to understand the user and drive search marketing strategies. Adding to that talent, our proprietary Media Management Platform enables our media teams to meet client goals through custom workflows, intelligent automation, decision support and performance reporting. And, our Hearst ownership gives us – and our clients – access to data that drives an audience-based approach to search targeting and, more importantly, superior results.

SearchMarketing1Beyond Google

Search engine marketing has never really been just about the engines. It’s about being found. This is truer than ever now that search marketing enters a complex new era where there are more ways to look for content, blurred expectations between search, display and social results, and a multitude of new devices with which to search. As search marketing services evolve beyond the engines, it will take a talented and experienced search agency like Brandtastic to help keep your brand visible.

Integrating SEO & SEM

Users of search engines experience a search results page as a singular experience. So it only makes sense to integrate your natural and paid search strategies as well. By integrating your search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) programs, we can increase clicks, interactions and conversions. Plus, we can provide one integrated view of search marketing campaign performance with our The Brandtastic’s Dynamic Broad-base Marketing Platform .