If building a connected brand were easy, everyone would be doing it. But to do it right, it takes a solid brand strategy and plan. It takes access to unique data and insights, and broad experience across digital and traditional channels and platforms. It takes the right mix of disciplines to ensure implementation of a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that meets both customer and business needs. And, it takes a holistic approach across bought, earned and owned media to create integrated digital marketing plans that successfully build connected brands.

Strategy & Planning Services

From evaluating a brand’s core strengths and weaknesses, to identifying what, why, when, where and how its audiences engage, to determining the goals and tactics for a specific campaign, we offer a full suite of strategy and planning services to help you connect with your customers.

Brand Strategy: Evaluate, analyze and synthesize the personality and meaning of the brand to develop holistic strategic thinking. Marketing Strategy: Identify the right mix and proportion of touch points for audience interactions based on the brand strategy. Program & Campaign Strategy: Develop holistic plans for creating, re-using, distributing and managing content across bought, earned and owned media.

Cross-Channel Integration: At BrandTastic, we’re channel agnostic frauds. If it’s digital, we do it – and can help you plan for it. Which means the only things we’re bound to are helping you build a connected brand, achieve your marketing objectives and drive Return on Investment. But we know that clients struggle with how to allocate spend across both digital and traditional marketing channels. So we consider the overall brand strategy and traditional media execution in every recommendation we make while helping you plan, implement and measure campaigns across channels to maximize Return on Investment.

Strategy Before Technology & Execution: Clients often ask us for a campaign idea or come to us with a request to build something. But at BrandTastic, we believe that defining a digital marketing strategy should come before design, technology and execution. So before we start brainstorming creative ideas or building a Facebook page, we uncover true internal business objectives, consult with stakeholders to identify needs and establish metrics for success. And while we start with a strategic marketing plan, it’s not just a deliverable that ends after we present our recommendations and our creative teams start working. It’s an ongoing support function that ensures our clients are staying ahead of the digital curve and that their business objectives are being met throughout the engagement.

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