BrandTastic - X-Frame Banners 01X-frame banner is one of the more affordable and flexible ways to display your vinyl banner. The X-Frame Banner is available in full colour print. The unit is lightweight and easy to assemble, which makes it ideal for travelling. Here at BrandTastic we able to create & design professional banner designs which is incorporated into the X Frame strategically giving you a complete and presentable piece. X Frame Banners have certainly made a name for themselves in the world of advertising and marketing.

The X- frame banner is a great addition to any indoor event. Interchangeable, lightweight and easy to set-up and transport, it is no wonder we have seen a recent rise in the use of these banners at events nationwide.

Our banners are folded and supplied in a carry bag for your convenience. Each corner of the high resolution long-life print has an eyelet which assets with easy, fast assembly. An X-frame banner is also known as a spider banner and is printed on high quality PVC.

We pride ourselves in priding an excellent quality product at a reasonable price. Whether it’s a tradeshow, corporate event or promotional event, our X-frame banner stands get the job done quickly!

Our professionals are able to design spectacular banners that will surely reach your customers and target market.

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